Gold Watch for Men-10 Best Watches for Men

Gold Watch for Men: There is an excellent reason why opinions on gold watches have long been varied. They seem a little tacky. Many owners of these wear their bank balance on their wrists rather than for reasons of appearance. The pinnacle of Wall Street yuppies in the 1980s was a gold watch. He was Patrick Bateman’s. Donald Trump possesses many. And the trend is still going strong today thanks to oligarchs, Gulf State royalty, and Instagram’s wealthy youth (including, yes, Donald Trump).

But either the world is beginning to reappreciate gold watches, or yuppie fashion is making an odd comeback. Rolex, Cartier, and other manufacturers have brought attention back to large statement pieces just as watch brands started to revert to more understated designs and smaller dials.

According to Erica Redgrave, buyer at upscale watch store Bucherer, “At this year’s Baselworld, countless brands pushed bold, yellow gold pieces after a few years of focusing on smaller watches.” The best pieces, however, “contrasted the showmanship with simpler dials and minimal detailing, rather than diamond-encrusted bezels or a wealth of features.” Anyone who doesn’t quite share Mr. T’s sense of style in accessories should find this to be a wonderful respite.

However, it’s difficult to shake the feeling of American Psycho, so proceed with caution. The largest error, particularly when matching jewelry and accessories, is choosing the incorrect tone of gold, according to Terry Markham, head of buying at “Too much yellow will make your outfit look vulgar, while paler tones may be overlooked on the wrist.” The solution is a gold that glows but doesn’t resemble a sign for a Las Vegas casino.


All that glitters is not gold, as they say. And when it comes to timepieces, this has never been more true. It is feasible to find a watch with a solid gold casing, but you’ll probably pay more for it than a car. But there are other choices.

Physical vapor deposition, or PVD, is a method that involves vaporizing the chosen material, such as carbon, steel, or gold. It is then applied to the watch’s base, fusing two materials for a tougher finish.

Another option is gold plating, which involves covering another metal with a thin layer of the glossy substance. Despite having the appearance of genuine gold.

The downside is that it is more prone to aging, scratches, and ordinary wear and tear.

A PVD coating is advised by Markham because it is more durable and lasts longer than plain gold-colored timepieces. Newer electroplating techniques keep the watch from flaking and peeling over time because plating technology has advanced in recent years.


It’s far simpler than you might think to style your gold watch; it’s not just for wearing with a navy pinstripe suit. Pop culture would have us believe that a gleaming Submariner is best used in the boardroom, but gold watches are just as appropriate outside of the office – as long as the rest of your clothing is kept understated.

Consider plain bombers, selvage jeans, Oxford shirts, and white T-shirts. Particularly with monochromatic outfits, you have a 24-carat foundation for something glistening. It would be tempting to pair your new arm cannon with an Armani suit and a shearling jacket (worn over the shoulders, of course), but you’ll look more like a Gordon Gekko-style attention-seeker than a business mogul.


One of Rolex’s most recognizable watches is the Oyster Perpetual Date; in fact, it was one of the first to give the company its big break in 1926. The modern version is noticeably different, but because of an all-gold color scheme and timeless 1980s details, it will continue to look good for at least a century.


Tudor creates timepieces for the explorers in life like your dad trudging up a hill on his annual trekking vacation and men like Bear Grylls and David de Rothschild. The company also produces dress watches that are less popular but no less fashionable. The appropriately called Glamour is an automated piece made of steel and gold. This wonderful example of how to wear gold on your wrist without being flashy is 41mm wide.


Elysee is well aware of the fact that expensive watches don’t have to be ostentatious. The century-old brand offers gold-standard quality without the typical price tag by forgoing Swiss artistry in favor of German manufacturing. For instance, this automatic-powered gold PVD dress watch sells for less than £500.


Put Gucci in front of a purist’s nose the next time they object to a designer watch that comes from a fashion house rather than a watch company. Since the Swiss-made watches are frequently much more thrilling than traditional heirlooms, the Italian company has long marketed them as a complement to Gucci’s current menswear line. This composition benefits greatly from its lack of subtlety.


Cartier is one of the few companies that can compete head-to-head with Rolex in terms of brand recognition. Heavyweight horological know-how, an instantly recognizable appearance, and recognizable models like the Tank need no introduction or explanation to those in the know. It exudes refinement, unlike some gold watches, thanks to the square case and Roman numerals.


Armani Exchange is one of the few brands with such appeal. We are all aware of it. Most people adore it. The brand’s watch collection also carries the same sense of prestige, although being purposefully priced reasonably. This gold-plated quartz-powered option is lavishly decorated for the baller on a budget.

Longines Grande Classic Watches

Longines clings to what it knows: classic watches for traditional dressers manufactured using classic watchmaking skills, in contrast to those watch companies that are increasingly attempting to dominate every market. Although times change, your watch doesn’t have to, as this classically designed gold-plated dress item proves.


Rappers frequently mention Audemars Piguet for a reason. Although the brand is exorbitantly costly and celebrities like Rick Ross have never been shy about disclosing their pay, it is also unquestionably hip. Whether or not you’ve appeared on a Kendrick Lamar song, the Swiss juggernaut is the indisputable king of statement and will pack a punch on any wrist. Fortunately, AP is also recognized as one of the world’s top watchmakers.


It seems that Ivy League preppiness makes good wrist jewelry. The pioneer of preppy fashion, Tommy Hilfiger, debuts American showmanship with traditional chronograph styling. On this athletic variant, the PVD finish will endure. A ticker appropriate for your Harvard (or Hull University, your choice) induction.


During the Quartz Crisis, Seiko nearly dragged the established Swiss industry to its knees, and it still won’t give Geneva a break. Since then, the Japanese brand has expanded into more sophisticated timepieces that are suitable for evening wear and combine the high-quality mechanics of the producer with an unexpectedly subtle touch.

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