Gold watch for women-Why do people like gold watches?

Gold watch for women: With either an exquisite bracelet or a sports-luxe type watch, a woman can add a smart finishing touch to her look. She can leave an impression with the way she holds phones or shakes hands. From a casual outfit to a fancy ensemble to an office dress, the tiny accessory on her wrist completes any look.


Nowadays, accessories like watches and apparel can also enhance your personality. In order to pass down their legacy, people have started to wear timepieces that can tell the time and make them look more educated. In recent years, watches have gained popularity as a present that people give to show their love and affection. And if you’re a brand-obsessed consumer looking for the best watches with premium brands, you’ve come to the correct place!

Titan Karishma Analog Silver Dial Women’s Watch

A stylish, classy, and reliable women’s watch is the Titan Karishma Analog Silver Dial. It has a silver dial with a sunray finish and a traditional silver metallic strap, all of which are neatly encased in a spherical metal casing. On this watch with a steel case polished in a sheen, the time is shown by three simple hands and metal appliqué indices spaced every five minutes.

In addition, this watch has mineral glass to prevent scratches and a gloss-finished patterned link band with a 3-piece sliding clasp for a customized fit. Additionally, this watch stands out from the competition because of the Swarovski Crystal Indice that is embedded in the dial.

Last but not least, this classic design with cutting-edge functionality is a need for everyone who wishes to look nice every day.

Price: ₹1,395
Company: Titan
Metal as a material
Added Bonuses: Water-Resistant Dial Silver-colored strap Silver in color
Warranty: The product has a two-year warranty.

Timex Fria Analog Mother of Pearl Dial Women’s Watch

The Timex Fria Analog Mother of Pearl dial watch is a stylish, dependable timepiece. To keep your Timex running for years, it blends scratch-resistant lenses with strong housing. The Timex collections come on expertly stitched leather straps or adjustable stainless steel bands, and this watch is created with brushed and plated stainless steel cases. Additionally, a battery that transmits an electrical signal through a piece of crystal quartz powers it as well.

A multi-function dial on this watch also includes functions including a date display, weekdays display, and 24-hour display. Finally, this watch has a minimum 30-meter water resistance rating, so you’ll be prepared for any adventure.

Price: ₹3,837
Timex Brand Brass Material
Specifications: Second-Hand Dial Shade: Mother of Pearl
Strap Colour: Gold
Warranty: 1-year warranty on the product

Tommy Hilfiger Analog Rose Gold Dial Women’s Watch

The Tommy Hilfiger Analog Rose Gold Dial Women’s Watch is another women’s watch with a 4-star rating that is stylish, elegant, and branded. The straps are distinctive, and there are rose gold embellishments on the gorgeous flowery dial. This watch is scratch-resistant and waterproof up to 30 meters. It also comes in a cute tin case. The quartz movement inside the circular dial also contributes to the watch’s high level of durability and accuracy.

Price: ₹9,995
Tommy Hilfiger is a brand.
Stainless steel is the primary component. Water-Resistant Dial Rose-gold in color.
Strap Rose-gold in color.
Warranty: The product has a two-year warranty.

TIMEX Analog Women’s Watch

A dependable, fashionable, and ergonomically constructed women’s watch is the TIMEX Analog. It is made with brushed and plated stainless steel casings and is offered with adjustable stainless steel bands or expertly stitched leather straps. To keep your Timex running for years, this watch also has scratch-resistant lenses and strong casings. Additionally, it contains a quartz timepiece that uses a battery to transmit an electrical signal through a piece of crystal quartz. Finally, if you have at least 30 meters of water-resistant gear, you will be ready for any trip.

Price: ₹2,716

Timex brand; stainless steel composition
Specifications: Second-Hand Dial Mineral Strap color Gold in color
A one-year product guarantee is provided.

Sonata Casual Analog White Dial Women’s Watch

The Sonata Analog Women’s Watch is a smart, stylish, and sophisticated wristwatch. The watch is durable and long-lasting thanks to the stainless steel case back that shields the dial and movement. The strap for this watch is composed of stainless steel, which resists rust and corrosion. Additionally, the stainless steel dial case on this Sonata watch has a diameter of 23 millimeters. Additionally, this watch’s dial case is rounded and features a crown on the right side that you may use to manually set and alter the time whenever you like. Finally, it has a 30-meter water resistance rating.

Price: ₹725

Sonata as a brand
Metal as a material
Special Features: Second-Hand Dial, Lightweight, and Waterproof Strap Color: White Silver in color
Guarantee: One Year

Fastrack Tropical Waters Analog Green Dial Women’s Watch

The Fastrack Tropical Waters Analog Green Dial Women’s Watch is another gorgeous, reasonably priced, and high-quality branded women’s watch. If you want to add a pop of green to your party attire, this watch boasts a sleek metal strap with a dial. The watch’s 8.9 mm thick body makes it durable, and its fashionable design is excellent for multitaskers. Additionally, the dial’s mineral glass surface exudes sophistication, and the lock’s simple removal mechanism is quite practical. The watch is additionally shielded from harm by its 3 ATM water resistance if it is unintentionally subjected to water splashes, an unpredictable wet spell, or a shower.

Price: ₹1,550

The Fastrack brand
Species: Mineral
Added Bonuses: Water-Resistant Dial Strap color: green Silver in color
Warranty:2-warranty on the product

Michael Kors Parker Analog White Dial Women’s Watch

An elegant and sophisticated women’s watch with a 4-star rating is the Michael Kors Parker. This watch stands out for its flawless workmanship and glitz that is at once classy, opulent, and modern. A quartz crystal oscillates when a current is applied to it. There are three sub-eyes that represent the day of the week, the date of the month, and the 24-hour period. Additionally, this watch sports a stainless steel watch bracelet and a strap made of premium leather to keep it soft and long-lasting. The silicone watch bands are also cozy and waterproof.

Price: ₹16,995

Michael Kors is a brand.
stainless steel as a material
Features: The dial is waterproof the color white
Strap Gold in color
Warranty: The product has a two-year warranty.

Daniel Klein Analog Rose Gold Dial Women’s Watch

A premium brand watch for women, the Daniel Klein Analog Gold Dial watch is a Fiord Exclusive. For optimal tensile strength, security, and usability, it has a rose gold ring with a stainless steel band and a buckle clasp. This watch is beautiful and comfy, and it arrives in a pretty package. This watch should fit most wrist sizes and is water-resistant to a depth of 30 meters. Finally, both men and women like Daniel Klein for accessories such as bags, wallets, bracelets, and watches in addition to watches.

Price: ₹2,675
Daniel Klein as a brand
Glass as a material
Special Features: Water-resistant dial and lightweight Rose-gold in color.
Strap the color rose gold

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