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k&g fashion superstore: Leading omnichannel specialty retailer Tailored Brands, Inc. offers a wide range of business casual options in addition to suits, formalwear, sportswear, and other product categories.

The history we’ve shown here shows how Tailored Brands has expanded both organically and through acquisitions. Men’s Wearhouse, Moores, Jos. A. Bank, and K&G Fashion Superstore are some of the brands in our current portfolio that sell items for the whole family.

By the early 1980s, Jos. A. Bank had transformed from its origins as a manufacturer of bespoke apparel to a private-label retailer with a thriving catalog business.


George Zimmer, Robert Zimmer, Harry Levy, and their father, Robert Zimmer, are the co-founders of The Men’s Wearhouse. In Houston, Texas, the first store opened its doors in August of this year.

In Mississauga, Ontario, Moores opens its first store in 1988.

Steve Greenspan and Ike Kadore co-found K&G in 1989. They launch their first location in Atlanta, Georgia, although it is only open from Friday through Sunday.

Men’s Wearhouse, Inc. makes an initial public offering in 1992 and was listed as “SUIT” on the NASDAQ.


In the spring of 1994, Jos. A. Bank Clothiers becomes public and starts trading its stock on the NASDAQ stock exchange (JOSB).


The rights to the Botany, Botany 500, and Botany Couture labels are purchased by The Men’s Wearhouse for usage in bespoke clothes.


A number of men’s clothing brands, including Cricketer, Country Britches, Joseph & Feiss, and Cox & Hawkins, are purchased by The Men’s Wearhouse from Joseph & Feiss Co. Inc. (J&F).


The Willie Lopez Emergency Assistance Fund was established in October as a result of the untimely death of Willie Lopez, a respected district manager, who left his wife and four young children in a precarious financial condition. Since its establishment, the Willie Lopez Fund has given millions of dollars in support to hundreds of recipients of grants from Tailored Brands who have suffered tragic life tragedies.

George Zimmer introduces the tagline “You’re going to like the way you look: I guarantee it” in Men’s Wearhouse TV advertisements. After purchasing 17 stores from C&R Clothiers Inc. in southern California and six extra-large stores from Walter Pye’s NAL in Houston, The Men’s Wearhouse creates a new “Value Priced Clothing” (VPC) business.


The Men’s Wearhouse buys the Moores, The Suit People menswear chain in Canada, which later changed its name to Moores Clothing for Men.

The Men’s Wearhouse strengthened its Value Price Clothing section by acquiring Atlanta-based K&G Men’s Center Inc. Following the acquisition, the K&G stores and the 20 additional running VPC division stores were rebranded as K&G Fashion Superstores.


The Men’s Wearhouse switches from using the NASDAQ ticker symbol “SUIT” to “MENS”.

The NYSE lists The Men’s Wearhouse under the symbol “MW”.
Men’s Wearhouse develops menswearhouse.com, a website, and online shopping platform.


The Men’s Wearhouse buys Twin Hill, a maker of business attire and uniforms.

After a successful test run in Seattle stores in 1999, The Men’s Wearhouse expands its tuxedo rental business to all of its locations.


A similar scheme was implemented in Moores stores after the Men’s Wearhouse stores’ success with their tuxedo rental business.


To thank clients for their loyalty, the “Perfect Fit” program is launched.

K&G grows to over 25 locations throughout 14 states and currently operates seven days a week.


A network of dry cleaners in the Houston area was purchased by The Men’s Wearhouse, and they changed their name to MW Cleaners.


After Hours Formalwear and Mr. Tux are purchased by The Men’s Wearhouse, which then transforms them into MW Tux locations before changing their names to Men’s Wearhouse and Tux.

In 2009,

K&G Fashion Superstore added items for women and kids to their product lineup, expanding it beyond sole menswear.

To supplement Twin Hill’s corporate apparel activities, The Men’s Wearhouse purchased the assets of Alexandra and Dimensions Clothing Limited in 2010. These two companies are the top British suppliers of workwear and uniforms for corporations.

2012 saw the addition of Joseph Abboud as Chief Creative Designer to the Men’s Wearhouse staff.

The Joseph Abboud Manufacturing Corp. Factory in New Bedford, Massachusetts, as well as JA Apparel Corp.®, are later purchased by The Men’s Wearhouse.


Incorporating Jos. A. Bank Clothiers, Inc. into The Men’s Wearhouse.

As a holding company for our portfolio of brands, which includes Men’s Wearhouse, Jos. A. Bank, and K&G Superstores in the U.S., Moores in Canada, and corporate apparel brands Twin Hill, Dimensions, Alexandra, and Yaffy in the U.K., 2016 saw the creation of Tailored Brands, Inc. The company also switches from MW to TLRD as its NYSE ticker symbol.

Kevin Cole Men’s Wearhouse locations now offer the new AWEAR-TECH range as part of their expanded AWEARNESS selection.


Tailored Brands sells MW Cleaners, the Men’s Wearhouse division that handles dry cleaning, laundry, and heirlooms, in order to improve the Company portfolio.

The Distribution Business Management (DBM) Association has given Tailored Brands the 2018 Circle of Excellence Award in recognition of its dedication to social responsibility, sustainable supply chain management, and environmental stewardship.


In order to concentrate on the main retail business in the United States and Canada, 2019 Tailored Brands sells U.K. corporate wear brands Twin Hill, Dimensions, Alexandra, and Yaffy.

NFL-licensed custom linings are made available to American football fans by Men’s Wearhouse and Jos. A. Bank in collaboration with the National Football League. These companies join Moores in collaborating with the National Hockey League to provide authorized NHL custom linings at the same time.


In March, Tailored Brands sells the Joseph Abboud trademark while preserving the JAMCo plant and the sole right to market and lease Joseph Abboud-branded clothing in the United States and Canada.

The COVID-19 pandemic will begin to have an impact on retail firms in March 2020. Like the majority of retailers, Tailored Brands temporarily shutters and reopens stores and distribution sites, furloughs and reinstates staff, and takes strong measures to preserve the safety and health of staff, clients, and the community throughout 2020. These activities included launching the Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store. And curbside programs as well as offering cutting-edge consumer technology capabilities in e-commerce.

Customized Brands The JAMCo factory changes its business model to produce masks for organizations in the New Bedford, Massachusetts, region and beyond, including first responders, the U.S. Navy, and a number of crucial enterprises. JAMCo will make more than 500,000 masks by the year 2020 to aid our local communities.

The Company announces the formation of its first-ever Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council with a preliminary charter to stand for equality and bring about fundamental change inside our Company and the communities where we live and work during the commemorative celebration of Pride month in June.

In August, Tailored Brands filed for Chapter 11 reorganization. This step kickstarts a leadership, strategic, and financial overhaul and refocusing of the company.

The “Next Generation” shop designs are being tested by Tailored Brands in Shenandoah, Texas, Buford, Georgia, and Walnut Creek, California as part of a test-and-learn approach to see how we can best serve our customers.

Michael Strahan and Men’s Wearhouse have announced a partnership to sell their clothing brand both in-person and online.

In December, Tailored Brands successfully completes a financial reorganization and exits Chapter 11 bankruptcy as a privately owned company.


The new BLACK by Vera Wang Collection has been added to Men’s Wearhouse’s selection of Vera Wang tuxedos.

650 Men’s Wearhouse and Jos. A. Bank locations now offer contactless fit technology, demonstrating Tailored Brands’ leadership in consumer technology. Customers can use this technology to complete surveys, which generate a 3D avatar of their body. And provides them with precise sizing details for both online and in-person ordering.

In 2022 Moores (previously Moores Clothing for Men) establishes an online store and discloses a name and logo change. The updated logo shows Moores’ dedication to inclusivity and the company’s acceptance of the variety of its clients and the communities it serves.

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